Patient Testimonials

Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK has asked some of its patients if they would be willing to provide references and testimonials to prospective new patients. If you are an enquiring new patient or family member and would like to speak to our patients who have used our services, please do let us know and we will provide contact details of patients who agreed to give references or testimonials to share their rehabilitation experiences.

Alternatively, you can look at our ever so consistent 5-Star ratings and excellent public reviews in Google.

See what others say about us

  • review rating 5  I am care home Manager and Sandro is a visiting Physiotherapist there. I can recommend Sandro to anyone I know as I have seen him making miraculous changes to my residents, he is very professional and thorough in his job.

    thumb Manjusha Prakash
  • review rating 5  Sandro it’s the best physiotherapist I have ever come across. His professionalism has totally improved my dad’s health and has returned his daily activities. I am very pleased with Sandro. Many thanks!

    thumb Alti D
  • review rating 5  What an incredible outfit! I employed them to treat my wife following a stroke which left her some 70% impaired, The skill, patience and dedication displayed in their approach to determining the bast regime of treatment for her to follow was second to none. She, in turn, responded admirably to Sandro's encouragement, managing to achieve movement and co-ordination way-beyond that which we thought had long gone. This treatment last for several months and, although slow, positive results were forthcoming. Unfortunately my wife then suffered a second stroke which necessitated her going into care where she sadly died some two years later. Guy Manners

    thumb Guy Manners
  • review rating 5  The sessions I’m getting from the Neuro Physiotherapist here are worth every penny. With very good videos of the exercises prescribed during each session, it was very easy for me to follow the program. Highly recommend Neuro Physio practice

    thumb Annie-rose hunt
  • review rating 5  My husband is quite pleased when Sandro comes. He sets him useful exercises which helps him a lot . The videos he sends after each visit are a good reminder of what they have done together. I would certainly recommend Sandro to anyone who needs a physiotherapist.

    thumb Ro Martin
  • review rating 5  Brilliant service. Has helped me a lot after my stroke. Highly recommended to everyone who had a stroke. The best Neurological Physiotherapist specialising in Stroke recovery is here. Look no further.

    thumb Steve Corr
  • review rating 5  Sandro is a kind, compassionate, positive, physio with an amazing knowledge of recovery after a stroke, and the brain. I am still improving 4 years after my stroke thanks to Sandro's physio support.

    thumb marcus turner
  • review rating 5  Sandro is a very talented gentleman who really knows his stuff when it comes to nurological physical issues when he came to me I had very limited dexterity in my left side and after a few very simple easy exercises given by Sandro I have overcome all of my issues and now attend my local gym with a personal trainer twice a week and am feeling 100 times better so would highly recommend

    thumb Thomas Wright