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Free Assessment & Trial Session

Because we at Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK are confident that something can be done to improve the quality of life of neurological patients no matter how bad the situation may be, we will provide a free trial session as long as the patient is within Peterborough area. This is an informal visit where we can do a brief assessment of your condition and lay out potential improvements that can be expected with our treatment. During this visit, the patient will experience how a typical session with us will look like. This is also an opportunity for the patient and the family to ask questions and clarifies certain issues before you make a decision to take on any of our rehabilitation packages.

In situations when a trial session is not physically possible due to the location of the patient, we can offers a free telephone consultation on a mutually agreed convenient time.

Please fill up contact form or email if you are interested on either the free trial session or the free telephone consultation.

Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK