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Specialist Hand & Upper Limb Rehab

Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK has a unique expertise on hands on upper limb therapy for patients who suffered from stroke or brain injury. If you are a patient with the affected hand and upper limb lagged behind, the trial session can be an eye opener for you as you experience the unique hands on techniques of Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK.

You can also try the Functional Dynamic Splints that can help you open your hand again as well as the Surface Electromyograph Triggered Stimulation to selectively stimulate weakened muscle groups. Our upper limb programme is guaranteed to make a difference to you by the session.

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"I have been to so many physiotherapists after my stroke and it was SGNP Ltd that made a difference to my functional recovery"

George M
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Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK