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Injection Therapy for Spasticity

People with Stroke or Brain Injury may show some forms of hyperactive muscle contraction called spasticity. Spasticity can interfere with mobility and performance of activities of daily living. Over time, spasticity may lead to contractures or permanent shortening of the muscles which can further cause impairment in function.

At Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK, we use injection therapy to inhibit spasticity that are restricting function. The injection therapy is part of the overall Rehabilitation Program we offer our patients. The spastic muscle groups are injected with toxin guided by Electromyography (EMG). The EMG helps maximise the benefits of the toxin as it targets specifically the muscle fibres that exhibits more spasticity. The EMG also reduces the amount of toxin injection required. The dose of toxin injected per visit is usually 200-400 units and it usually takes full effect within 2-3 weeks after injection. Treatment may be repeated as often as every 3-4 months. Side effects of injection therapy can be pain, redness and discoloration at the inected sites.

We have no waiting list and your treatment can be organised in just a matter of days.

The injection therapy is provide by Dr Fahim Anwar, MRCSEdn, MRCPS (Glasg), FRCP (Glasg), FEBPRM – Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant. Dr Anwar is also connected with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge as well as holds a fellowship in Pain Management. Dr Anwar also does Acupuncture.

Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK