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Video of Key Exercises

The exercise program of each patient undergoing rehabilitation with Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK will be in video. The exercise video is taken from the individually tailored assessment which is a major part of every session. This video will highlight the technical exercises that the patient should follow until it is updated again the following session.

Why video of exercises is effective:

  • A lot of exercises we prescribe are very technical and can only be followed by using the video.
  • Handwritten exercises are subject to misinterpretation and this problem is eliminated by doing the video.
  • The video is convenient as it will be emailed to the patient or family every after the session and very secure as it is password protected.
  • The video is a very important form of documenting progress with exercises.
  • The video will make it easier for anybody assisting the patient to follow.
Stroke & Brain Injury Specialist Services UK