Why ChoOse Us?

A Professional Service

We are an experienced team of Neurological Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists specialising in Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation and other Neurological Conditions.

We provide highly individualised and personalised approach to each case we handle. Each assessment, exercise program and advise we give are uniquely tailored to our patient’s unique needs and situation. Our patient will feel this personalised approach in every session or interaction we do with them.

Because the exercise program we provide are very technical, we give instructions and demonstrations in video during our sessions. This way, our patient will not have a hard time following the program. The video will also serve as baseline performance from which all improvements can be based for comparison in the future. The video will be the best way to document and evidence progress. Read More

One of our hallmark specialty is Spasticity Management. Most people who have Neurological Conditions will have some forms or degree of spasticity on the affected side. Our therapists are all trained in Manual Spasticity Inhibition techniques as well as on giving advise on what other options are available such as Injection Therapy to locally relax spastic muscles or medication to provide more generalised effect. Read More

Because we are confident, there is something we can do to improve the situation of our patients, we offer Free Assessment and Trial Session with no obligation to take on any of our services. This can either be face to face if the distance is convenient or over video call using Facebook Messenger or Skype. This will be a good opportunity to ask questions, discuss our assessment findings as well as explain our treatment approach. Read More

When our patients take on our services, we offer periodic State of the Art Assessment both during initial sessions and on an on-going basis to motivate patients and demonstrate progress. Read More

We are confident we can make a difference to our patients and help them reach maximum functional potential. This is why we offer Money Back Guaranteed in all our sessions. We are the only practice in the UK that does this. Read More.

Research studies have shown that there is no better place to recover than in your own home. This is why we do treatments in our patient’s own home or place of residence. We will use the home environment for therapy to cue and motivate our patients to do certain things as they move around their own home. We also involve the family members, relatives and friends to contribute in the therapy to maximise input to our patients.

We have a Rehabilitation Consultant in the person of Dr Fahim Anwar who can also do home visit to provide Consultation, do Injection Therapy for Spasticity or Medication Review on a periodic basis if required. Read More.

All our therapists are very experienced in Neurological Rehabilitation particularly in Strokes and Brain Injuries. Our patients will be assured they are in good hands and on the right direction to functional recovery.

We have good track record in maximising functional improvements even to those who had been classified as no more potential to improve by the NHS or other practices. We have solid 5-star ratings in Google and we have patients who can give actual testimonials of how they improved because of our services. Read More

We address all issues suffered by Stroke or Brain Injury patients including the unseen ones like depression, anxiety, fatigue, lack of motivation and neuropathic pains. We offer built-in Life After Stroke Coaching in all our services.

We do home visit across the East of England particularly Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk areas with our network of highly experienced and qualified therapists. For our Life After Stroke Coaching, we offer UK wide service coverage.

We would like to show our patients that they have made progress because of our intervention. We do video comparisons of performances in certain functional activities that we identify to show our patients that they have truly improved. Because improvements in Neurological Rehabilitation happens ever so slowly and almost always patients adapt to these little improvement changes, the video comparison of performances works very well to pin point progress.